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Sailing is a wonderful pastime. Using sails to harness the wind, sailing boats can be used for short excursions, or round the world races.

Sailing boats come in all sizes, from catamarans and dinghies to multimillion dollar yachts. There are a great many ways in which you can enjoy sailing.

Sailing can be learnt at many boat and yacht clubs, sailing schools, and even youth and scouting groups.

Sailing is a popular sport, and there are many boat and yacht races, and regattas, which draw sportspeople and spectators interested in sailing.

Sailing is often offered as an excursion at waterfront resorts. There can be few more luxurious outings than being taken sailing.



Sailing in Aldinga Beach, South Australia, Australia

  • Casuarina Cabin

    Casuarina Cabin, located a mere stones throw away from Aldinga Beach offer a 5 sleeper Cabin near the Aldinga Native Flora & Fauna Reserve, an excellent opportunity to encounter unique Australian wildlife. Food and wine district of McLaren Vale - 60 Wineries & Gourmet Food abound the surrounding area.

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